Amanda + Erik The Breakers

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Amanda + Erik

The Breakers
Finally  I get to Blog AMANDA and ERIK. My little Amanda!  Amanda was a bride I started working with AGES ago. I remember telling her all the time, “Your wedding is SO FAR OUT,  We have so much time”   Well guess what?…..Time FLEW and on November 8th  it was finally the wedding of Amanda and Erik…. Amanda and Erik are as GORGEOUS on the inside as they are on the outside. Everyone LOVED being at her wedding. She truly hugged and thanked every single server, band member, and staff member working her wedding…She and Erik are the sweetest, cutest, warmest couple ever. We LOVE them! You can see the Joy beaming out of her face in every photo.  These gorgeous photos were taken by Alain Martinez who truly did not miss one thing!  The gorgeous Breakers Hotel was host to this event and as always, they did the most amazing job.  Karen Cohen from Always Flowers made Amanda’s Wedding Dreams come true by providing the most romantic and gorgeous ballroom.  So, without further delay, scroll down and check out the amazing Amanda + Erik at The Breakers Hotel

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