NOLA inspired Bnai Mitzvah

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B’Nai Mitzvah

Harold Ellas Nola Inspired

There is a Cajun expression that couldn’t be more appropriate for this one of a kind New Orleans themed B’Nai Mitzvah… “Let the good times roll” and with Sara Renee Events at the helm, believe you me, the good times rolled all night long for the Bergner family!!!   The amazing decor and vibrant colors were a photographers dream thanks to Jennifer Gilbert Cohen of Xquisite Events.  The adult tables were the talk of the room. It was so important to the client to keep this part of the room elegant and not to “busy”   Celebrity Entertainment’s energy at the party was incredible!   The grand entrance set the tone when E Squared Concept’s Authentic New Orleans Jazz Band marched out among the guests and lead a parade of smiles all across the floor.   They went straight into a live hora set!!  LUV ROX PHOTOGRAPHY had the pleasure of getting to know this family on their excursion to New Orleans to shoot their super special Pre B’Nai Mitzvah.  In fact, it was so special that it has its own blog (CLICK HERE).  The rest of the night consisted of Broken Sounds’ incredible eats and some of the most colorful E Squared Concept’s Mardi Gras Dancers in Florida!  We will let the photos do the rest of the talking…

PS….Shout Out to Luv Rox for allowing me to plagiarize his brilliant writing and literally copy and paste his whole blog …Why write something else when his was so perfect!

0068_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

0157_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

1247_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

1299_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

1518_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

1524_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

1540_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

1667_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

1807_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

1864_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

1953_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

2184_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure


2325_011015 EllaHaroldBnai

2337_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

2359_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

2451_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure


2470_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

2476_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

2488_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

2493_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

2620_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

2622_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

2702_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

2726_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

2754_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

2798_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

2802_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

2804_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

3034_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

3042_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Edit-Exposure

3114_011015 EllaHaroldBnai-Exposure

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