Jacks SUPER cool BARMI!

By admin 6 years ago

Jack’s Barmi

Black Light Glow in the Dark Set

Check out these amazing images by Andrew King of Luv Rox Photography… They truly show how magical  this event was for Jack.  I am also a believer in not worrying so much about a theme. In this case, Jack had no theme…therefore we came up with a super cool logo and put the focus on amazing staging and lighting. Rock With You Entertainment was on hand to provide NOT just amazing entertainment, BUT amazing staging and lighting….Thank you to Rachel and Andrew for allowing us to do what we do best and taking a HUGE risk with a BLACK LIGHT GLOW IN THE DARK SET!  Really that was the HIGHLIGHT of the night!  Craig Goldstein from E2concepts fully made all this possibile with his outstanding entertainers!

1152_012415 JackSchwartz 1156_012415 JackSchwartz 1172_012415 JackSchwartz 1182_012415 JackSchwartz 1185_012415 JackSchwartz 1192_012415 JackSchwartz 1202_012415 JackSchwartz 1208_012415 JackSchwartz 1216_012415 JackSchwartz 1239_012415 JackSchwartz 1422_012415 JackSchwartz 1433_012415 JackSchwartz 1487_012415 JackSchwartz 1514_012415 JackSchwartz 1727_012415 JackSchwartz 1900_012415 JackSchwartz 1906_012415 JackSchwartz 2003_012415 JackSchwartz 2004_012415 JackSchwartz 2815_012415 JackSchwartz 2825_012415 JackSchwartz

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