Brooke + Ezra

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Brooke + Ezra

The Soho Beach House
We are so excited to share Brooke + Ezra with you! This super hip Brooklyn couple was such a pleasure to work with!  The more insane the ideas, the more they LOVED IT!  It’s so amazing to work with a couple who understands that weddings are meant to be fun!  When Brooke + Ezra hired us they had one rule, NO BALLROOM!  They wanted a natural and organic feel.  What better place for this than The Soho Beach House and what better Designer to make this happen for them than Jon Buick from Xquisite Events?  From the uber cool acoustic Ukulele Player we had for the ceremony, to the Sword Balancing Belly Dancers, down to the jellow Shots that we passed at Midnight, this wedding was super chic and super cool. Oh and did I mention that Russell Simmons who was a guest at the Hotel even made his way to the wedding? Thats how JAMMIN the Dance Floor was (Thanks to DJ JPS from ROCK WITH YOU)   
So, feast your eyes on these amazing photos from Stephan Maloman and ENJOY!

BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0005 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0016 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0018 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0021 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0031 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0036 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0038 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0415 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0451 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0463 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0488


BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0135  BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0152 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0244 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0269 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0271 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0274 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0275 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0276 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0321 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0332 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0336 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0337 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0339 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0340 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0342 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0345 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0346 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0348 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0350 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0352 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0353 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0354 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0356 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0357 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0368 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0376 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0381 BrookEzra-SohoBeachHouseWedding_0486

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