Colleen + Matt

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Colleen + Matt

Mar a Lago

Most of you know that we started a new company called The Guru Girls! The Guru Girls is our {Day Of} Wedding Planning Company..We are SUPER PSYCHED for how well received our new venture has been, and, we are even more psyched to blog our very first Guru Girls Blog Post with you right now!  What better than a Bohemian Vibe Wedding to make our first blog post? We fell in LOVE with the look and feel of this BOHO theme wedding we did at Mar a Lago and we know you’ll fall in love with it as well….OMG the dress and head piece are AMAZING! Check out these gorgeous images by Jessica Lorren and NAMASTE GURU’S!


Colleen Matts Getting Ready-115

Colleen Matts Getting Ready-126Colleen Matts Getting Ready-170 Colleen Matts Getting Ready-178Colleen Matts Getting Ready-182Colleen Matts Details-128Colleen Matts Details-120Colleen Matts Cocktail Hour Reception-108Colleen Matts Ceremony-241Colleen Matts Ceremony-187Colleen Matts Ceremony-164Colleen Matts Portraits-166

Colleen Matts Cocktail Hour Reception-140Colleen Matts Cocktail Hour Reception-357 Colleen Matts Cocktail Hour Reception-397Colleen Matts Cocktail Hour Reception-419Colleen Matts Cocktail Hour Reception-436Colleen Matts Cocktail Hour Reception-362 Colleen Matts Details-153Colleen Matts Details-150Colleen Matts Cocktail Hour Reception-445Colleen Matts Cocktail Hour Reception-450

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