Ella’s Bat Mitzvah

By Mary 6 years ago

Ella’s Bat Mitzvah

The Mandarin Hotel

All we can say is WOW!  Ella Rubell’s Bat Mitzvah kicked off our 2015/2016 season with a BANG! There are so many photos on this blog post because we could not even begin to narrow it down and eliminate. Luv Rox was on hand to capture all the amazing details, but there would be no details to shoot without the ever so talented Always Flowers! This family was such a pleasure to work with and their name is famous if your a lover of Disco..(and everyone that knows me knows I am)  The Mandarin Oriental was the perfect host for this super chic Miami crowd and we would not have been able to pull this off without the help of their amazing catering team.  Trend Alert for 2016…..FLOWER CROWN STATIONS!!!! It was a HUGE HIT!   So enjoy all the photos below from AROUND THE WORLD IN ELLA DAYS and Thank you Rubell’s for having us!


0199_082915-EllaRubell 0232_082915-EllaRubell 0236_082915-EllaRubell 0307_082915-EllaRubell 0317_082915-EllaRubell 0321_082915-EllaRubell 0361_082915-EllaRubell 0411_082915-EllaRubell 0458_082915-EllaRubell 0469_082915-EllaRubell 0479_082915-EllaRubell 0490_082915-EllaRubell 0500_082915-EllaRubell 0555_082915-EllaRubell 0564_082915-EllaRubell 0610_082915-EllaRubell 0679_082915-EllaRubell 0686_082915-EllaRubell 0720_082915-EllaRubell 1411_082915-EllaRubell 1414_082915-EllaRubell 1439_082915-EllaRubell 1602_082915-EllaRubell 1687_082915-EllaRubell 1854_082915-EllaRubell 1874_082915-EllaRubell 1878_082915-EllaRubell 1953_082915-EllaRubell 2069_082915-EllaRubell 2084_082915-EllaRubell 2086_082915-EllaRubell 2088_082915-EllaRubell 2089_082915-EllaRubell 2090_082915-EllaRubell 2092_082915-EllaRubell 2093_082915-EllaRubell 2105_082915-EllaRubell 2120_082915-EllaRubell 2123_082915-EllaRubell 2124_082915-EllaRubell 2127_082915-EllaRubell 2136_082915-EllaRubell 2263_082915-EllaRubell 2442_082915-EllaRubell 2493_082915-EllaRubell

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