Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah

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Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah

Wyndham Jupiter

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? Lets just say not only were we ready to ROCK but we ROCKED JUPITER BEACH BIG TIME!  Ethan’s World Tour CRUSHED IT!

We did not miss a detail (thanks to the worlds coolest Barmi mom EVER) Bari was all about the details and we were all about executing them for her… From Kiss on Stilts (who greeted everyone after they received their entry ticket from the Will Call Booth) to the Merchandise booths on the way out…This party truly had it all.  When Ethan opened up the ballroom playing his Drums to “Welcome to the Jungle” even I got chills! Fear no Ice was on board to blow our minds with their giant Ice Guitar (that they created right in front of us with chain saws) and Rock With U ROCKED IT!  We were so happy to be groupies on this event. We LOVE ETHAN!

Thanks Levitt Family for having us!


Killer Photos by Luv Rox Photography

Killer Decor by Always Flowers

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