Hallowedding for Kristy + Joe

By admin 6 years ago

Kristy + Joe

The Biltmore, Coral Gables

It does not get any better than a couple that wants to get married on Halloween AND not disguise the fact that its Halloween. For Kristy + Joe we had the perfect balance of Elegant Wedding AND Halloween. It was a splash of Spooky thanks to Richard Interian of Avant Gardens I have to say it was my first time working with him and I have a new BFF! LOVE HIM! Also on board for this super fun Hallowedding was Luv Rox Photography

Kristy and Joe were BEYOND cool and we truly loved working with them. I mean any bride that wears a John Snow inspired cape to her wedding is for sure going to be a bride that we love to work with because its such a PLEASURE to see something different FINALLY!
Check it out and NAMASTE


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