Jonathan & Michael

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Jonathan + Michael

The JW Marriott Marquis, Miami

I am SO HAPPY that finally the United States Of America acknowledges that Love is Love. No matter what parts the person you love comes with, LOVE IS LOVE!  As a Wedding Planner it fills me with such JOY to be part of a new wedding community.  All Weddings are filled with Love and Joy, but when people wait a long time to get married, and when they finally can stand up and LEGALIZE THEIR LOVE, it truly touches my heart!  Hopefully one day soon we will stop referring to these weddings as “Same Sex” weddings and simply just call them “weddings” because truly that’s what they are.

SO, enough with my blabbering…..Feast your eyes on this GORGEOUS AMAZING Couple we had the honor of working with.  Jonathan and Micheal celebrated their White Winter Wonderland Love fest with their closest family and friends.  We had so much fun with this one and we LOVE it when a couple brings splashes of them into their wedding. Michael and Jonathan are FUN people so they made their wedding FUN!  No sit down dinner, no formalities. just drag queens and non stop dancing. What more can I ask for?  #DREAMWEDDING! Plus I got to wear white and took an amazing photo with this HOT couple and the HOT dancers

Namaste and cant wait for an amazing 2016


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