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The Bar Mitzvah of Jett

Mar a Lago


Clean, modern and fun are the words used to describe Jett’s Bar Mitzvah Celebration at The Mar a Lago Club! We worked with the amazing team at Always Flowers to design and convert the already gorgeous ballroom into an uber sleek space for Jett’s family and friends. The night was true perfection and working with Jett’s mom was truly a pleasure! She trusted the process and let us all do what we do best. We are super excited to start planning Jett’s younger sisters Bat Mitzvah very soon (2018) it will be here before we know it! SO, feast your eyes on the gorgeous photos by Luv Rox Photography and Namaste!

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1410_031216 JettZimmerman 1411_031216 JettZimmerman 0355_031216 JettZimmerman 0306_031216 JettZimmerman2412_031216 JettZimmerman 2186_031216 JettZimmerman

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