Tara + Chad, The Breakers

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Tara + Chad

The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach

It is such a pleasure for us to share the wedding of Tara and Chad!   Not one singe detail was missed with this wedding.  We have lots of shout out’s for this one!  Special Shout Out to Kym Bichon and The Breakers Hotel for being the most perfect host for all the wedding festivities.  Thank you also to Karen Cohen of Always Flowers for THAT CHUPPAH! Literally when we opened up the doors for the guests to enter the ceremony, we were all backed up with traffic due to the fact that every single guest was taking photos and in AWE!  Thank you to Papery and Cakery for printing so many gorgeous and amazing items for this wedding…..I am really NOT kidding when I tell you there were so many amazing details!  Marianne Bennett Orchetra!  No words to describe their amazingess!  Should I keep going?  From the Sylvia Weinstock Cake to the Ballroom Artist (Ben Keys) who captured the gorgeous room on a canvas the Bride and Groom can keep for life, and YES, custom Hora chairs that came with handles and seat belts!  This wedding was PERFECTION!  The photos speak for themselves and we can thank Donna Newman for that!  THANK YOU DONNA!  Most importantly, thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Cohen for having us! You were a dream to work with and we are so honored to have been part of your magical day!


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