The Bat Mitzvah of Sarah

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The Bat Mitzvah of Sarah


Gallery of Amazing Things

OMG WOW is all we can say about this one! We had the honor of planning Sarah’s older brothers Bar Mitzvah a few years ago and WHAT A PARTY THAT WAS! I remember The Louis family calling me the very next day to put us on hold for Sarah’s! Well finally the day came and this was truly such an outrageous event. Sarah loves ART so what better way to celebrate this than a super cool ART theme. At the heART of Sarah was our slogan! We chose The Gallery of Amazing Things as our venue because it was super important to The Louis family that they use their favorite caterer (and mine too) Parkland Chef!  Rock With U was in DA HOUSE to take this crowd to a place of pure BLISS!  Shout Out to LUV ROX for capturing the magic and Always Flowers for ALWAYS blowing me away!

0177_012416 SaraLouisPre

5205_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah5191_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah

5118_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah5116_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah5104_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah

2499_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah2476_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah1914_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah1908_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah

3170_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah

2379_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah2376_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah2273_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah1926_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah1822_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah1814_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah1802_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah

1715_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah1572_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah1251_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah1248_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah1242_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah

4701_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah4341_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah1907_052816 SaraLouisBatmitzvah

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