Williams Big Time

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William’s Big Time Bar Mitzvah

The Breakers

We are SUPER DUPER excited to share this one with you!  what a way to kick off the season!  I have been to over 500 Bar Mitzvahs in my life time. (Yes you are reading that correctly)  I danced at them for 12 years before I started to plan them.  This by far was one of the most well executed themes…EVER!  William LOVES the band Big Time Rush and William Loves Disney. We put those things together (Like Bippity Boppity Boo) and came up with the ever so amazing “WILLIAM’S BIG TIME BAR MITZVAH” William has swag and charm and his love for all things Disney is what inspired us to do a pre-party Howard Hughes  Walt Disney style photo shoot .  Within the first few minutes of the shoot we saw how fun and animated William was and knew that his Bar Mitzvah would be one for the record books. Thank you EVERYONE who was on this creative team. This was a lot of planning and building and executing and I am ever so grateful.  Biggest shout out goes to Mr. Jeff Fowler of The amazing Breakers Hotel , Ms. Karen Cohen of Always FlowersRay Roman of Ray Roman Films, Jeff Gold and his mighty crew from Zazz, AND finally the one and only Andrew King from LuvRox  photography!  He completes the list of this amazing A team, AND has the pictures to prove it!  For the sake of not getting overly excited please allow me to simply list some of the highlights:
Hip hop routine
Ice sculptures
Full fledged Disney themed decor
Desert bar with fireworks
In summation, wow. Thrilled, honored, and proud to have been a part of such a one of a kind Bar Mitzvah… #Williamsbigtimemitzvah to be exact 🙂

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